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The Working Day

A local guide to artistry. Meet some of Hertfordshire’s finest artisans and creators, influencers and more!

Hemel Hampstead and Ayot St Lawrence

October 1 — December 1

Life Under Lockdown

Are you struggling to find work during the lockdown? Here at iHertfordshire we are ready.

Hertford, Harpenden, Wooley

October 1 — December 1

“A truly special place. Peace and prosperity of being in England”

Hertfordshire is a large county in South-East England whose southern border is just 12 miles from the centre of London. The county has a population of just under 1.2 million residents. Other counties that surround Hertfordshire are London (south), Buckinghamshire (west), Bedfordshire (north-west), Cambridgeshire (north-east) ,Essex (east) and London.

The county is full of contrasts which blend together to create a superb quality of life for residents and visitors. Thriving modern towns have developed amongst historic market towns and picturesque villages. The largest town is Watford, situated within the M25 motorway and has a thriving shopping centre and business parks. Other large, historic towns include St Albans, Hitchin and Hertford. Mature “new” towns include Letchworth and Welwyn Garden City.

Hertfordshire has a strong diverse economy with particularly important sectors in pharmaceuticals, space technology, high value engineering, financial services, telecommunications, film, media and creative industries. Employment and skills levels are high with over half of Hertfordshire’s workforce employed in knowledge based industries

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