Have you noticed that all these syndicated news websites run the same crap stories? Doesn’t matter if you’re in Kent or Herts, they churn out the same shite all at once.

And we here at iHertfordshire aren’t going to do anything different – if it ain’t broke, etc!

While we obviously love Hertfordshire, there is one massive problem with living in the county – the cost of it.

With miles of green space, bustling high streets, great commuting links and excellent schools, the county is one of the most expensive areas of the country to live.

As of March 2020 the average UK house price is £231,855, but in Hertfordshire the average is £395,311.

So what would a budget between those two get a housebuyer? While every area of Hertfordshire has an average above that £231,000, there is still a wide range in what you’d be able to buy for £300,000.

In some towns, you’d be able to get a semi-detached home with multiple bathrooms, while in others you would be lucky to get a one-bed flat.

For this list we’ve found the property with the most bedrooms available within the budget, and it’s likely you might be able to get something slightly bigger as you travel further away from the town centres. Here is what £300,000 would get a housebuyer in Hertfordshire.

Stevenage is known for being one of the more affordable areas of Hertfordshire, ie. it’s a dump. But still enjoys many of the benefits of the more expensive neighbours, apparently. High crime, traffic jams, the lot!

There’s a large town centre, as well as two retail parks, meaning the majority of big names are on your doorstep.

There’s also great food in the Old Town and you can be into London within half an hour on the train.

There’s also millions of pounds worth of work going on right now to improve the town and prepare it for the future, so it could be a bargain in the long term.

For £300,000 if you wanted to be close to the centre, you would be looking at a one-bed flat. This property on Victoria Street is within walking distance of the main shopping areas as well as the train station.

It’s a spacious first floor property with a contemporary kitchen, and the location is perfect whether working in London or in St Albans itself.

If you are willing to go further from the town centre, there is this two bed flat near Oaklands to the north east of the city. It’s about 1.8 miles to St Albans City station, but significantly larger.

However, it appears if you wanted to buy a house in St Albans £300,000 would leave you significantly short at the moment.

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